About the Stories

As a teacher, writer, and podcaster, I enjoy well-crafted communication. Writing my own bio, however, is always tough. I asked some friends to help craft a quality blurb: “Space cowboy with a knack for sparkling prose.”  “Likes witty conversations while wearing vintage button downs–with a smile.”  “Boxer, sailor, with humor as my compass and a sharp left hook.” “Lover of rainbow clogs and raincoats, and lost cell service.”

I’m also a rock climber, aspiring surfer, amateur boxing judge, and spontaneous boating  aficionado. The adventure lifestyle suits me.

Great bait for stick-catching
Catching sticks

My work has appeared in a variety of regional and national publications, including Sierra Magazine, Waterway Guide, Men’s Health, Women’s Adventure, Rock and Ice, Climbing Magazine, Aspen Peak Magazine, Aspen Sojourner, Wrightsville Beach Magazine, and Salt. I’ve interviewed Olympic athletes for USA Boxing, written for the UK-based Boxraw, and visited with international kite surfing stars via Lifestyle Cabarete, a Dominican-Republic based lifestyle site–for further reading, visit jamielynnmiller.contently.com.

At Jamie Lynn’s Pen (and sometimes, Pencil), I write about the journey, both inner and outer. From unexpected adventures to rainy day musings,  Jamie Lynn’s Pen explores the small moments that color the everyday, making it richer and somehow more complex.


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